A couple of years ago, Harness Energy was just a dream. Today, it is a reality that all its team members cherish, and a player in the clean energy market of Pakistan that everyone knows. Harness Energy (Pvt.) Limited was founded in 2015 with the aim of playing a major part in mitigating the chronic energy woes of poor Pakistani households. Our innovation is in using the market model to sell our products, as opposed to the conventional worldview of giving them away as charity. There are a lot of manufacturers of clean energy products but not enough attention is paid on the distribution side. We believe that a solar lantern or a clean cook stove realizes its true value not when it comes off the assembly line in Shenzhen, but when it reaches an ultra-poor family living in Fort Abbas or Badin. We go the last mile to serve the underserved and work with multiple partners to ensure effective and efficient distribution, even in the most sparsely populated parts of Pakistan.

We are currently focused on solar products, bioenergy, and clean cook stoves. Our clientele comprises of residential consumers, small retail outlets, and we specialize in development sector initiatives. We are a leading distribution Associate of International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Lighting Pakistan program. All our solar products are quality-verified according to Lighting Global standards. In the bioenergy sphere, we are working with trained masons to construct biogas plants for rural households. At Harness Energy, we ensure that our business does not harm Pakistan’s already fragile environment, which is why every single one of our product is carbon neutral over its lifetime.

Mission Statement

To become the leading provider of sustainable solutions to Pakistan’s energy-starved population, and to help achieve universal energy access in the country by 2030.


With our experience of selling products to rural households, we look forward to playing our part in mitigating Pakistan’s enduring energy crisis. Our vision is to serve 1 million people by 2020 and to become Pakistan’s leading clean energy distribution company by 2025. We aim to do this by focusing on the following core areas:

  • Quality Assurance – Dealing only in the best quality products
  • Efficient distribution – Developing new distribution models and continuously improving them
  • Consumer awareness – Changing consumer behavior through targeted activation and marketing campaigns.
  • Highly-trained personnel – Training village level entrepreneurs (VLEs) to sell in their local communities. Investments in our team are by far our best investments
  • Excellence in service – Developing a customer-focused after-sales and warranty ecosystem to ensure market is not spoilt by cheap and trashy products
  • Muhammad Shehryar - Founder and Managing Director
  • Shayyan Farrukh – Director
  • Faham Rafiq – Director
  • Muhammad Nadeem – Head of Operations
  • Khwaja Rahat Saeed – Finance
Our presence
  • Lahore
  • Chakwal
  • Khushab
  • Layyah